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AHIA Photo Gallery

Photographs from various AHIA Training Events
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Cavilla Brothers & Bill Hanson

2015 Annual Conference

Dr. A. Sasha Bardey & Bill Hanson

2015 Annual Conference

Paul & Bill - Dick Kramer Print

2014 AHIA Conference

Investigators of the Year Award

2011 Annual Conference

Dave “Buck” Savage & Bill Hanson

2011 Annual Conference

L.A. County Deputy Sheriff, Det. Nordskog

May 2014 – Arson Homicide Training

U.S. Marshal David Gonzales

2013 AHIA Annual Conference

Advanced Homicide School

2013 - Tucson, Arizona

AHIA Investigator of the Year Award

Calvin Fuller - 2015 AHIA Conference

Terry Moore

Co-Owner Diamondback Police Supply

Roxanne Washington - Tucson PD

Former AHIA Secretary

Vickie Schaefer & Paul Dalton

PATC Arson Instructor

Dave & Betsy Smith with Bill Hanson

2012 Annual Conference

Capt. Stamatopoulos & Bill Hanson

Award Presentation

Training Overview

2014 AHIA Conference

Mr. & Mrs. Kramer with Bill Hanson

2014 Ahia Conference

AHIA Board of Directors

2013 AHIA Conference

Nathan Moffat & Bill Hanson

2016 AHIA Conference

Paul Dalton & Bill Hanson

2014 AHIA Conference

Jim Click & Bill Hanson

Plaque Presentation

Mike Carroll & Bill Hanson

AHIA Board Member Plaque

Governor Janet Napolitano's

2005 Award to AHIA

AHIA Board of Directors

2015 Annual Conference

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