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Training Questions (5)

Is all AHIA training free?
No, AHIA offers one (1) FREE training class each quarter, which equates to four (4) free training classes per calendar year. These free quarterly training classes are open to all current AHIA members. If you plan on attending a free quaterly training, be sure that your membership dues for that calendar year are current and paid.
Where are the free quarterly training classes held?
In an effort to provide free quarterly training that is convenient to all AHIA members, we offer our free quarterly training classes at various locations throughout the state. However, because a majority of AHIA members are near the Phoenix metro area, we often hold free quarterly training classes in or near the Phoenix metro area.
How do I sign up for free training?
All free quarterly training is listed on our website TRAINING PAGE Although we list what the projected training for the calendar year is on the main page of our website, it is important that members check our training page for specific training class details.
Who decides what the free quarterly training topics should be?
Every year the AHIA Board of Directors meet to discuss training for the upcoming calendar year. The AHIA Board of Directors select various training topics and instructors for these topics are located by the Board of Directors.
Do AHIA members have any say in training topics?
Yes. AHIA is always open to training topic suggestions by our members. If you have a training topic idea or know an instructor who could present a particular training class to AHIA members, please contact our secretary with the suggestion and related information.

AHIA Emails/Newsletter (2)

How do I sign-up for AHIA Emails and/or the AHIA Newsletter?
There are several links on our website entitled, "Get our EMails". However, if you were unable to find one click here to sign-up.
I clicked the link and signed up, but never received any emails?
Due to anti-spam laws, the signup process for AHIA Emails is a two-step process. After filling out the form on the sign-up page, you will receive an email confirmation in which you MUST click Yes, I want to join in the email that you received. Please be sure to check your junk mail folder, the confirmation email may have ended up there.

Membership Questions (3)

How do I become a member?
You may become a member if you meet either of the following:
1.    You are a current or retired municipal, county, state, federal agent and/or other public funded certified and/or reserve law enforcement officer.
2.    You are any current or retired full time employed law enforcement technician, fire fighter, correctional officer, forensic examiner, forensic technician, county coroner, prosecuting attorney and/or any of their investigative staff members who are involved in death investigations.
What if I'm not sure if I meet the qualifications?
If you are unsure of your qualifications to become an AHIA Member, please don't hestitate to reach out to us and get your questions answered. Our Secretary, Michael Kinsey would be happy to help you.
How long will my membership last if I pay the annual dues?
AHIA Member dues should be paid each year in the month of January. Your dues cover your membership for the current calendar year. As such, this allows AHIA to locate instructors for various training scheduled for that year and use those funds to pay various instructor fees that we incur so that our members continue to have free training throughout the year.
        If you paid your dues as part of the fee to attend the annual conference, your membership will end December 31 of that year. If you would like to attend free training throughout the year, we encourage you to pay your dues each year in January.
How does our agency get a copy of the AHIA W-9
No problem, click here to get a copy.

Issues with the website (5)

A 'Pay Button' is not working properly, who do I notify?
Please check the particular page where the pay button is located. Some of our pay buttons are only active as various training events become finalized.
        However, if you find a 'pay button' not working, please notify our Webmaster so it can be fixed.
Why won't a particular webspage load?
There are various causes to web pages not loading. Please attempt to refresh your web browser's page and if that does not resolve the isse, please notify our Webmaster so it can be fixed.
Why was I sent to the '404' error page?
When a webpage you are trying to access does not exist, or the website's server is down, you will often be sent to an 'error page' so that you know there is an issue with the page that you attempted to visit. This error page is referred to as a '404 error' page.

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